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traditional door

Pacific Pride Traditional Doors Feature

  • Factory prehung/prefinished (with oil base polyurathane)
  • Matching 4 5/8" ext. jambs
  • Weatherstrip
  • 4" ball bearing hinges
  • Adjustable sill
  • 2 3/8" backset
  • 5 1/2" DB on center
  • Optional 6 9/16" Extension Kit

Mahogany Wood

Strathmore Glass Option

Diablo Glass Option

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To download a pdf of the Pacific Pride brochure:Product Brochure (1.9 MB)


traditional M62

traditional M62

traditional M64

6'8 M62 Diablo with sidelites

6'8 M63 Strathmore with sidelites

6'8 M64 Strathmore with sidelites

traditional 8'0 M62

traditional 8'0 M63

8'0 M62 Diablo with sidelites

8'0 M63 Strathmore with sidelites


traditional M62

traditional M63

traditional M64

6'8 M62 Diablo

6'8 M63 Strathmore

6'8 M64 Strathmore


traditional 8'0 M62DB

traditional 8'0 M63ST

8'0 M62 Diablo

8'0 M63 Strathmore


traditional M65 with 62db sidelites

traditional M65

traditional M65 with 63st sidelites

6'8 M65 with Diablo sidelites

6'8 M65

6'8 M65 with Strathmore sidelites


traditional M65 8-0 with 62db sidelites

traditional M65

traditional M65 8-0 with 63st sidelites

8'0 M65 with Diablo sidelites

8'0 M65 single unit

8'0 M65 with Strathmore sidelites

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